Help found problem Y motor moves

I have been checking my belts and everything else from adjusting y axis squares are great and so is the cutting board i made but when it comes to circles not so great. I figured it had to do something with the y axis then I found the motor mount moves/flexes but I cant figure out how to make it tighter or more secure. I have added many photos and settings. 130 watt red and black with RDC6442S-B controller

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Hi, looking at the photo’s it looks like it not seated flush to the base.
They’ve used Allen screws instead of bolts.
If it were mine I would lose the screws and re-drill the holes and use nuts and bolts(nylon threaded nuts) it should tighten down flush, simple little job. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Chris is correct. Use a little longer bolts, and use a fender washer (larger diameter for support) and nylon lock nuts on the bolts. The machine mounting surface, if not completely flat, might be the problem also. If the fender washers don’t give the needed support, then cut and drill a plate larger than the base of the mount and use that underneath where the nuts and/or washers will go.

Thanks guys on my day off Monday I will try this and let you guys know! Thanks!