HELP .. hard to calibrate Camera accuracy

First I have RUida with 150cmx100xm bed
I found uses of 720P camera to connect with lighburn 8.0.6
I did adjust the calibration Lenst and all capture result (9pic) was great 0.04 to 0.06
The camera have to place almost 160cm above the bed (its 70 degree camera Lensa)
I uses hollow galvanizes steel to attach the camera,

I can’t get the accuracy location of laser pointer it seems move about 4cm
its worst than my 160 degree Camera module,

How to make a good capture of lens calibration? I have follow the youtube instruction, and did all the step by step.
Should the circle pattern as close on bed? it result small circle.
or should it bigger as possible close to lens?
I have get the great result when capture, why ist not enought to have accuracy position?
Should the lens capture exactly fit to bed? since theres a little space front the camera.
Why the update overlay result is smaller then my actual camera view?

Thankyouu … really need help to get accurate position

Sorry asking about pattern card, if i resize the card will is be easier?

The lens calibration is the first part. Have you done the camera alignment as well? Once that is done, as long as you set the top of the material to the same height as the focus point of the laser, where the calibration marks were done, it should be very accurate.

The only things that affect the camera accuracy are movement of something:

  • Movement of the camera
  • Movement of the lid (or whatever the camera is mounted to)
  • Movement of the bed of the laser
  • Movement of the limit switches

Thankyou for the respsonse,
I found out when I did the lens calibration, if I hit the capture more than 1 times, the result of my image captured changed looked like it moved up and down. but the pattern card still (only the edge looks like it moving in different height).
I think I should attached the camera intu something more steady.
I’ll try again

Finally i got accurate lens calibration, I have to disamble the lid,
Question :
Since i disamble the Lid, is it safe ?
I mean the laser beam doesn’t covered anymore

Lens calibration does not require using the laser at all, or even being mounted to it. The alignment calibration is the only part that needs the laser.

When using the camera normally, you would capture with the lid open, align the work, then close the lid and run the job.

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