Help, Laser works fine on Mac not my Windows

I’ve been running light burn on my Windows laptop for almost a year now (windows 10) with absolutely no issue. Just recently my laser will not respond to my move commands or it will go to frame it goes to the origin and then my stepper motors just “hum”. It will do the homing sequence just fine for me. I connected the laser to my MacBook Pro and everything works just fine.on my PC I have uninstalled and reinstalled grbl, lightburn, and my usb drivers with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Check that Windows update hasn’t nuked the driver that talks to GRBL. This happens more often than you’d think.

Forgive my ignorance but I’m slightly confused as to which driver that would be. I’m guessing it would be the grbl driver located in the same location where I downloaded the grbl. I believe it was a Dropbox link provided by cohesion 3D. Is there an easy way to check if it’s corrupted? Thank you for your quick response

Which Cohesion3D Board do you have, and which firmware have you put on it? If it’s the stock smoothie:

Or did you put GRBL-LPC onto the C3D board?

Cohesion 3d mini, and I put grbl onto the C3D Board

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