Help me please, I have 2 problems

Good afternoon
I am new to the forum and purchasing my sculpfun s9 laser engraver. I have been in the trial period of the program for 13 days or more and I only have errors. I want to buy the final version as long as it works well without errors. I have some problems that after checking everything , cables, pc and reinstall the software. I still have them in the middle of any recording or after a few minutes my laser stops and does not finish the work and in the console it does not give me errors and but if the laser that shows task completed the progress bar fills completely green. That is a problem and the second problem is the following when I enter edit/machine settings and so on, nothing appears, all the elements that should appear, nothing, only the blank screen, I went to a colleague’s house and in those tabs a a lot of paraments to my nothing.
I am asking for help to solve it and be able to buy this wonderful software.

Did you try other USB cable/port?
Check this doc also.

The second “error” (blank settings screen) appears if the laser is not connected and LB can’t read the settings.

If you have connection losses during a job, it’s most likely caused by connection issues. Change the cable, remove electrical interferences. Here is another guide with tips:

Both @parsec and @misken are on the right track. Your problem is not in the software. I now have 2 Sculpfun machines and they both were set up and made operational with no hassle. Lightburn is great. Sculpfun is great. What is connecting them together?

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