Help. Mirror 2, calibration

Hey folks

Im on a trip. My wife is at home w the laser. She said the power was dying! I explained how to clean and calibrate. She did a great job.

A day later… its happening again. She goes thru the steps to calibrate… again… mirror 2 is shooting off towards the left. Fixes it… uses it… and a lil while later it happens again

We got a client coming in a few hours, she wants to finish the job and get paid… shes crying. I really dont know what else it could be. I had to go over everythjng…

This is my question. Are these 2 screws meant to be loose? They are not loose on mirror 1 or 3, but yes on mirror 2.

How tight does she tighten it?

What else could it be?

Everything else seems tight, snug…etc

The tension screws wouldn’t cause this if they are not loose… Obviously anything in that area could cause it. The ring holding the mirror could also be loose… check it.

From your description, I’d check anything mechanically connected to m2… if it’s hitting in the same place from m1 to m2 that limits what can be loose. Depending on how you check alignment, I’d say must be the m2 mirror moving out of alignment. If you’re sure all of this is correct…

Most of these lock the steppers, so you can tug gently on them to check for loose… your description, if correct would indicate a gantry or m2 issue… if you tug too hard and the stepper moves, you will have to home the controller, as it’s lost it’s location.

I had a working machine with great alignment, after a three day trip is wouldn’t do much… realigned it and it lasted a couple hours… Finally I checked at m1 to see the beam… it wasn’t round or at the center anymore…

This is a failure of the tube… as you can see, it’s off center and not evenly distributed power. I had to re align every few hours. Hope it’s not your issue, but you should be aware of it…

I’d check the mode of the tube resonance to see if it’s lasing properly… This is known as the TEM state or mode.

This is checked at the output of the tube, I do it at M1… ignore the left image, just me cutting out targets.

This needs a very light burn to see the white to dark pattern. It should be round darker in the center and even lightness as it goes outward. This is the Gaussian power distribution. If it isn’t round and evenly distributed it’s not in TEM00 state and it is going south…

I have to go get dinner in a while, but I’ll be back shortly…


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Thst seems to have done the trick.

The 2 tensions screws were very loose.


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