Help needed job origin

So have been just getting going with lightburn, the job I am currently wanting to engrave frames properly, but if I hit start get error that job may be out of bounds.
have tried start from current position, or start from user origin, same result…what am I doing wrong. I have watched a couple videos on origin, still not quite getting it. Shapeoko XXL jtech 7wt, have reversed the x and y coordinates for positive workspace.

Out of bounds can occur when the system needs room to change direction and has not been provided enough to do so.

Try moving the art away from the sides and or slow down, allowing the system to change direction using less distance to decelerate and then accelerate again.

thank you, I do have it somewhat centered on the workspace, and it is roughly 3 x 3 in on a 31 x 31 workspace , and it frames where I expect, only when I try to burn does it error.

Framing will send the laser around the perimeter of the output and does not include the movements required to make directional changes.

That said, do you have limit switches on your setup? The following post discusses the issue in greater detail.

thanks again, I do have homing switches, but they don’t act as a hard limit. Ill read up more, and ofcourse making changes and seeing how it affects the movement, I will slow my travel speed as qell. I appriciate your willingness to help

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