Help Needed Please - laser stops after a short time in lightburn - but ok in ezycad

Hi Laser experts,
i was using lightburn for a few months now on a galvo and it was working great.
just the other day i loaded up the laser everything academy library files to try their settings.
and then i noticed that the jobs only do about 10 to 20 seconds of the burn then the laser stops burning. if i stop the job it goes back to framing but won’t start up again.
if i turn off the laser and restart it will burn again - but only to a certain point
i switched over to ezycad and ran the same file and others without issue.

switched back to lightburn and it still only does a partial burn.

is there some sort of copy protection in the software ?
i have a licenced copy - but it reminds me of how sometimes the software would only run part of a job to ruin the material to annoy pirates.
if it is the case ill be annoyed as it has ruined a few jobs and a heap of my time.

i have run it without the library files so i don’t think that is the culprit - but it’s the only new thing introduced.

If you have any thoughts - please let me know

The library files are only engrave values… Mine is a fiber, with a galvo head… I didn’t know the Ruida would drive a galvo, but I don’t have a co2 galvo setup.

I’ve had my fiber less than a month, so I’m very new with these also. Most of the settings for my fiber needed some modifications.


For anyone experiencing the same issues - i had to re-install lightburn and it seems to be back to normal.

You can navigate to Help → License Management this will tell you what state(s) are enabled in the software…

Glad you have it worked out… The problem smells like a driver…

It’s up, which is what really matters…

Take care.


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