Help Needed With A Homing Issue

I have a K40 laser with manual X & Y limit switches and the laser head is configured to “home” back left. The problem I’m having only occurs when the X limit switch is reached first, it causes the Y axis stops short of reaching the Y limit switch (I then have to manually move the laser head to the Y limit switch to complete the home)
If the Y limit switch is reached first, the problem doesn’t occur and the X axis continues it’s travel until it reaches the X limit switch (completing the home command successfully).

Any input would be greatly appreciate.

This sounds like a hardware or firmware issue - I’d suggest contacting Awesome Tech about this. When homing, LightBurn simply tells the controller to home by sending $H. The controller takes over from there and does the entire process by itself with no interaction from the software, so if there’s an issue, it’s in the controller itself.