Help Needed with fine-tuning of cutting : Line Shifting

Hi all,

First of all, please bear with me as i’m french and my technical english is limited. In the title I write ‘Line Shifting’, but I am not sure this is the proper way to translate ‘Décalage de Trait’.

Right, so let’s jump into it.
My request refers to the ability to augment/reduce ever so slightly the closed shapes, so that they will fit and hold perfectly together once cut. Somewhere I think I saw this as referred to ‘kerf’ but i am unsure.

See the following shot taken in Layer Property in LB :

If I understand it correctly, this setting is made so that we can fine-tune the cuts, in relation to our beam’s size, in order for the cut shapes to fit firmly together. Am I correct ?
If yes, how to use it? Should I add, or substract, my beam’s width ?

Also, I’ve tried to ‘play around’ with values on a closed shape (a 10x10mm square), but said shape’s dimensions don’t change if I change these ‘décalage de trait’ values. It remains 10x10 no matter the values I set in this box…
Clearly there is something there that I don’t understand.

Perhaps there’s a tutorial out there that I didn’t see ?

Thanks in advance !

As always, if you search for “kerf” you’ll find some info.

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Brilliant! That was exactly what I was looking for !
Sorry not to have made the search myself, as I really wasn’t confident in the translation, but this clearly shows that I should’ve tried ^^
Anyway, excellent reply as always Willy, thanks !

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Still working on kerf myself, some of the threads explain it really well.

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