HELP ! New laser and its all messed up

I just got a VEVOR 80watt laser with TOPWISDOM controller and I am have awful luck with it. When I first got it I downloaded Lightburn and did several cuts and it was amazing. Now it won’t even carve letters. I tried reinstalling and still the same issues. The bad thing is that it will only work with AUTOLASER :face_vomiting:
Can amy one help ???

I am sure we can but we need a bit more from you. Please review this post, then you can edit this one and provide the details required for us to do so. :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the trial version this week. Computer is windows 10 pro 64bit,
The program work for 3 cuts and now the controller says its out of range no matter what you send it.

‘Out of range’ means your design is in the wrong place or is too big for the extents of your machine.

Usually that’s because your software settings for the machine don’t match the settings in the machines controller.

Review your machine settings - take note of where your machine ‘homes’ to when you give it the home command and make sure that’s the same as you have set in LightBurn.

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