Help! New to LB having some problems

I recently changed over my K40 controller to the Cohesion3D board so I could use Lightburn. I made a few test runs and everything works great.

Today, I tried to scan and cut a fairly simple file that was created as a sketch in Fusion 360 and imported to LB as a DXF. For some reason, after the first scan, it jumps up and starts the next scan offset by about an inch. Can’t figure out why.

I also couldn’t figure out how to scan the entire circle while NOT scanning the shapes in orange. Any advice there would be appreciated.

I could only load one image because I’m a new user. Thought this would be the most important one.

Can you show what you were trying to scan when it jumped? And the settings you used to do it? (Double click on the layer setting and take a screen shot of the window that pops up)

To not scan a shape, you just make a hole in the original shape, in the same color:

Having said that, some of those shapes in orange in your design are just lines, not closed shapes, so they won’t “scan”. Scan fills the area inside a design, but a line doesn’t really have an inside.

Here’s a screen shot of the layer in question:

Most likely your acceleration settings are too high, or the holding current setting for the motor is too low. I don’t see anything in the settings that suggests you’re going too fast, but you might need to tune the configuration settings in the firmware or SD card to get the best results for your machine.

You can search and post to the Cohesion3D Forum for assistance with tuning the configuration for your machine. You’ll need to include info like what kind of machine you have and what exact issues you are having when you post there.