Help opening an old Lightburn job in XCS?

Well, I seem to have painted myself into a corner… can anyone assist?

I have an Xtool P2 and gave up on Lightburn cos there’s no camera support for my machine. Happily went back to the P2’s native XCS. But now I need to resurrect a job created in Lightburn - and, of course, I have no Lightburn licence. It’s a massive project and I desperately need all the Lightburn settings (unusually for me the job came out looking excellent).

Hope some kind soul will help!

If you want, PM me your LB file and I can convert to DXF or SVG

License is perpetual unless you never got past the trial.

That’s weird. Had a licence, but let it lapse. All I get now is the message below then LB auto-closes…

Really appreciate the offer, but I think this is nature’s way of giving me a chance to redo - and possibly improve it. Thanks anyway!

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You can’t update without a current license but you can continue to use the version up to the date your license update period lapsed. Email support if you lost/forgot your key and they’ll get you back up and running.

Even if some features don’t work (currently) on your (current) machine, you may still find value in some of the tools offered by LB and you may find a day where an update would be justified or get a different machine that doesn’t require handcuffing yourself to Xtool’s carousel.

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Thanks, Chris.
So it’s the auto-close thing that’s a bug I guess. I’ll see what support say.