Help please 3018 cnc laser traverse lines

Can anyone please help I am using my cnc 3018 with laser and is printing the lines between letters I dont know what to do to stop it doing this I’m bit new so any help be appreciated

What version of grbl firmware are you running?
Your S value max is set to 1000. read this related thread:

I hope this will help. i know little about grbl
I would wait on others to chime in.

Your $30 setting needs to match the S-value max setting. Yours is 0, so it means that the beam is going to turn on all the time. Your steps/mm setting suggests you have a 3018, so this might help too:

My laser is doing the same making ‘traversal lines between images
I have $32=1
$30 = my S value for some reason it still created ‘traversal lines . Any suggestions?