Help please baltic birch

confused.lbrn (11.7 KB) Im using 6mm Baltic birch. ive attached a photo. ive played with the settings. I just cannot get it to cut through the wood. speed 11, power 80, 2 passes

Generally speaking, when there is difficulty like this the first thing to check is to make sure your mirrors are aligned correctly. If that is OK, then try lowering the speed, but make sure if you are going less than 10mm/s that you set the minimum and maximum power to both be the same. In your specific case, the CanCam Blaze has been calibrated at the factory to allow for using 100% power safely without damaging the tube.

I routinely cut 1/4" Baltic Birch with a 60W laser at 5mm/s, full power, and 1 pass.

Also, make sure your air assist is working properly



This slow, I would suggest setting Min Power and Max Power the same (80%). On Ruida controllers there is a setting called ‘Start Speed’. If the controller is running at or less than this speed, Min Power is the only value used. Higher than this number and the controller starts ramping up to the Max Speed setting. By default it’s 10mm/sec, but some machine makers set it higher, so it could be that yours is one of those, and therefor you’re only getting 8% power, not 80%.

Also worth mentioning that “11” isn’t a speed - you should always include the units, because some people work in mm/sec, mm/minute, inches/minute, etc, and they’re all different.

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