Help Please! Pass Thru with 1" thick cut

Hoping someone can help on this one. Have to believe that I’m missing something.

I’m on a Thunderlaser Nova 24 trying to engrave a piece of wood that is 27.5" long x 10.5" wide x 1" deep - using the pass thru feature.

So I can get everything to work, from a software perspective, to get the ‘print and cut’ feature to work but… I can’t ‘line up’ my 1" thick piece of board with my laser, laser bed and the pass thru door. Even though the parameters state that I can cut up to 1.2" in depth there doesn’t seem to be a way to make this actually work.

Has anyone made this work and/or what am I missing?

Thank you everyone for any and all assistance.


Are you saying you cannot physically get the board through the pass-through door?

If so, what’s physically impeding this from happening?

Can you take some photos of the situation?

Hello and thank you for your fast response. I’ve attached a picture of the situation. Note that the material is between .75 and 1" and I have the laser lens as high as it will go. I’m truly hoping that I’m just confused in the setup versus I’m out of luck. The Thunderlaser Nova24 pass thru is documented, in the manual, as 1.2".

Have you raised the lens tube as high as it can go in the head? Seems to me that’s the only available adjustment you have to do this.

I can’t tell from the photo but it’s also possible that the tube is a 2-part mechanism where you can remove the extending portion of it such that the overall tube length is shorter. If so, you may be able to remove a portion of the tube to get you enough clearance.

Another potential option is to get a shorter focal length lens. That may allow you to reduce the overall height of the tube/lens stack. What’s the focal length of your current lens?

I have the lens tube as high as it can go and yes it is a two part mechanism. I did do a quick look to see if I can move the lens (which is currently in the ‘long’ portion of the two part mechanism). My focal length is 50.8mm aka 2".

So, to your point, do you think that a 1.5" focal length lens / tube might work?

Thank you very much!


It’s not clear to me how much additional clearance you would need to both clear the material and achieve focus.

I suspect if you can indeed remove half of the assembly that you may be able to get enough clearance. Otherwise, a 1.5" lens with a shorter tube could very well get you there. I’d suggest getting intimate with the existing tube to get a better feeling for what you’re dealing with.

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Makes sense. Thanks so much for your assistance. Definitely gave me some options to make this work.


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