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I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get this file to weld correctly. When I attempt to get all the letters to stay in the front of the (Berry) most stays and the other half goes behind the image not sure what I am doing wrong. Can someone please look at this file and let me know what to do? Also when I burn a sample of it the (Berry) is super stretched out and looks ridiculous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

Berrytown 2.lbrn (138.2 KB)

How does this look when produced? What result do you get? Please also show us how you would like the final result to appear. It is not clear from your wording. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Rick. I will have to take a photo of it once I get home but I would like the berry that is behind the wording to overlay the strawberry as I have it in the file. For some reason, it stretches out the strawberry very wide and pushes the lettering out to the side (Berrytown is pushed out to the left and nutrition is inside the strawberry) I have attached a file that is similar to what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanks again for your reply!

The easiest adjustment would be to set the red layer, the Strawberry outline shape, to ‘Fill’.

But I would also review each layer and adjust the settings to match the capabilities of the laser being used. Looking at the example you provided, is your laser able to produce 423 lines in a 1" space without overlapping?

You might want to run some ‘Interval’ testing to see what your system can do? Set up a couple of squares, on different layers, set to ‘Fill’ at different ‘Line Intervals’ to see what your best options for a given material and look.

Thanks, Rick I am going to play with those settings also I am putting this design on tumblers. I am getting better and better with this software still learning as I go.

You will want to ensure you have the rotary calibrated and producing as expected first.

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