Help tracing a couple images

My buddy asked if it was possible to put his squadron patches on a tumbler. I’m having problems making the trace look good. I only have lightburn to adjust the images. Any help would be appreciated.



Having a higher resolution on the Blue / Red picture would be helpful.

No sure what to say here as far as tips or suggestions. The default / unaltered settings of the trace almost nail the black and white patch. The issue is the patch is just not very detailed in its stitching:

My suggestion is to redraw / create the patch from new.

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I get the same but it doesn’t look great after applying the trace. I’m just trying to make it look great for him.

Noticing that the defaults produce a fair result. Node editing will be required to clean up, but this is due to the quality of the source artwork.

Thanks I’ll mess with the node edit. Here is a better picture of the blue/red one. I can;t seem to capture the detail in the Pegasus

You may need to do this a few times, using different settings each time, to capture the specific you are after. Here, I went at it again, adding additional detail. You can select a section of the image to trace, so you don’t trace things you already have.

To help in understanding the Image Trace functions, these are worth review:

And Tracing Images - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Not too bad. Thanks for the help. Now to work the patch.


A little practice, and adjustment works wonders. Nice result. :wink:


And a little (not finished) building from scratch. :slight_smile:

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Still have a bunch of nodes to edit. I think its starting to look pretty good.

My buddy was happy. Thanks for the help. I think they turned out ok.

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