Help understanding coordinate system and Origin

Hello everyone, I am wanting to compare GRBL configuration settings in an apples to apples setup. We are running a Millright Mega V XL w/router using Openbuilds controller software. We also have an Endurance 10W laser that we currently use Openbuilds control software to run.
I would like to understand the coordinate system and how it is configured in Openbuilds/GRBL and then configure Lightburn to run using the same origin and coordinate configuration.

If you happen to have the same system as we do and happen to be running the same softwares I would like to here from you as to your configurations of each.

It is my belief that there has to be a way to make lightburn use the same coordinate system as the Mega V using Openbuilds.
The idea that one must use two seemingly opposite systems for a laser vs router is insane.

Thanks in advance for any help with this. If we can figure this out I believe it will resolve an enormous source of frustration for many people.


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