Help understanding Job origin

Hello All,
New user here and need some help. I have a machining center i used to create a fixture to engrave multiple parts. In addition to accurate work holding features to contain the parts. I have a origin reference locator (a .008") drilled hole to align my origin to start the laser (g54 on a machining center). I manually jog the red laser pointer until the dot disappears (inside the drilled hole/cross hairs and green square upper right) and set origin on the BOSS laser. For a test I’m using a hole I taped over (see blue hole/cross hairs in image). I output several files using user origin, current position and absolute coordinates. All files cut the same point (about a 1/4" off from the target location). Do I have a set up issue ?.

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Have you had a chance to review the documentation on this subject?

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