Help with 5mp or 8mp camera

I thought I knew what I wanted until I read another post a few minutes ago where the 5mp camera was recommended over the 8mp.
Which is better in my case? What I have now is great for material placement but is not good for tracing. My bed size is 300 x 500.
I currently have a 90 degree camera mounted at 736 mm (29") above my work height. I would like to fabricate a new mount which would be about 228 mm (9") above the work height.
According to my figures I need a 160 degree 5 mp camera or a 110 degree camera for a 8mp.
Which camera would be best for doing detail tracing?

Note added later: I can fabricate my mount at whatever height would perform the best but about 203 mm (8") is as close as I can mount the camera without interference with the laser head.

As an owner of one of the 5 mp cameras, I wish I had the increased resolution of the 8 mp camera on a 700x500 laser. When you really zoom in for critical placement during material placement or doing the camera setup procedure, 5 mp is barely adequate.

Never mind the help cause I didn’t want to keep waiting and risk out of stock again. Right or wrong, I ordered the 110 degree 8mp and will figure it out when I get it.

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