Help with 60W Red&Black laser

someone could be so kind to share with me their machine setting values of a red and black 60W laser with RUIDA 644XG controller

You might check the repository over at the RDWorksLab forum.

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Thanks for answer, do you have a link, please? :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Here ya go!

I have red/black 60w here is my settings. Hope this helps :grinning:


Thanks!!! Really THANKS!!!

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Jeremy are you cut MDF? what size and setting? I tried now with a 1/4 inch MDF 9mm/sec at 100% power, 5 pass and don’t cut!!!

On 1/4’’ MDF I can cut a 6mm/sec at 25% power.
I never go over 50%power I stay around 30% power.
It has a 60w power supple but the tube is not a 60w tube
is around 45w tube so 100% power from 60w supple on a 45w tube :grimacing:
you may have burned the tube up you should install an milliamp meter I tray to stay under 10 milliamps


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: anything is wrong with my laser!!! I’ll calibrate the mirrors or clean it, but I need use over 60% to get “dark” carved, and cut don’t get it!!!

@cristhian, you are using a diode laser and @Prometheus is using a CO2 laser. They are completely different and operate using very different settings. Please generate a separate post for the issue you are having.

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Is the same laser! 60W red and black Chinese Laser CO2 :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: my laser don’t work good!!! I have it for a week an never calibrated!!!

Sorry, I was working off the information you have provided in your profile. I did not scroll to the top to see that you identified Ruida in the OP. :slight_smile:


If you would please, an update to your profile might be in order. Thanks.

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Sorry!!! I don’t see it!!! But, something is wrong with my new laser right?

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And yes, I think you have some issues with your laser. You may benefit from reaching out to the supplier of this laser for the original setting they provided when they shipped this system. The components used (everything except the Ruida gear) to build a “60W Red&Black” can be very different, requiring unique settings for your system. The baseline settings provided should be used as just that, baseline settings. Trial and error will then be required to dial your system to your liking.

@Prometheus how many pass to cut 1/4 MDF with that setting?

1 pass to cut 1/4 MDF with that setting.

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Man!!! My laser had something really bad!!! Starting with my ignorance :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: