Help with an image


Im struggling with this image for a friend. We wants in on a tumbler from his Navy days. And if i trace it looks ok. But the Panther is all stainless, he says it looks great. I just think it should look better or would look better is the Cat was black like the cup and the cloud stainless. But i cant figure out how to acomplish that

I just dont think that looks great.

Ok, so here’s a very quick and dirty idea of what you need to do to reverse the fill. if you put your file next to this one you will see basically what i did. (just saw and Not sure why the “Waves” didn’t make it into my file)… You’ll have to go in and edit some nodes to get a more “smooth” look, i was doing this in between running some jobs. But hopefully it helps and shows what you need to do to get the graphic to run as you want.

vs-30.lbrn (133.8 KB)

Thank you yes thats what i was going for …