Help with console not working

I have a ruidia controller and it seems to engrave fill slow it takes 45 minutes to do a 7" engraving. I tried to use console to read settings but I cannot type any commands in the text box its greyed out if that makes sense. I can read the settings through the drop down menu at the top.laser runs great just would like to be able to speed it up . Any advice would be appreciated thank you

The console is for GCode machines only - there are no manual commands you can send to a Ruida. If you want to change the machine configuration you would go to Edit > Machine Settings.

For your engraving, what settings are you using? (not machine settings, but the ones for the cut layer)

A 7" square, engraving at 254 DPI (the default) and 300 mm/sec takes about 20 minutes, so either you have the DPI higher or the speed lower than that. At 500 dpi / 300 mm/sec this takes 40 minutes, or if I set the speed to 150 mm/sec and DPI at 250 it’s about 36 minutes.


I will get some pics of my screen but am out of state till next monday. but I run 500mm at pwr level 30 not sure on dpi since it’s not a picture I never looked at that where would I find the dpi for fill engraving. thank you for your help

Interval and Lines per Inch are basically the same metric, just different ways of expressing it. 254 lines per inch is an interval of 0.1mm between lines. If the lines are closer together (smaller interval / larger DPI) engraving will take longer.

Yeah looks like mine is set to .04 that could be the issue will give it a try when I get home


That is going to create a lot of overlap burning unless you have a very small laser beam size.

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