Help with Corona in my city if you have the talent, please

I’m new here and still learning how to cut with lightburn so I can’t do this myself. :frowning:

As you know Corona is hitting medics pretty hard, so the 3d printing community have come up with this quick design :

3d printers are slow af for the most part, laser cutters are much better for this kind of thing, I was thinking of cutting this out of acrylic or 3mm wood and distributing it to medical staff to do my part.

You can use it too and help your local hospital if you need it.

Please, if you can convert the above file from Cura to Lightburn it could help save someone’s life.

I think the part you are talking about is better suited to be printed in PETG or PLA. It needs to be flexible, so acrylic or wood would not work because it will snap. The face shield itself is another story, depending what it is will cut well, I see folks doing that, not sure what the material is.

Here’s a fully laser cut face shield:


Thank you! :hugs:

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