Help with Cut settings

I have a black and red 100w china laser I was running rdworks it use to cut through, I just installed lightburn and can’t figure out the cut settings there different than rdworks I was only cutting a thin 1/4 mdf and it won’t go through what’s a good setting? right now I have it at power max 65% min 10% and speed 5 and the laser is about 18mm above the mdf

From: RDWorks Wiki - Min/Max Power (cutting)

As well as the Min and Max power settings and the speed set for the layer, the Start Speed found in the Cut parameters section of the User Settings comes into consideration.

  • At speeds of Start Speed and below, only the Min power is used.

  • Above the Start Speed, the power is increased linearly until the Max power is acheived at the layer speed.

When using layer speeds at or below the Start Speed, there is often confusion if the Min and Max power are different, because the Min power is used, and the laser seems to be down on power. Increasing the layer speed by just 0.1mm/s from the Start Speed to just above it results in an apparently anomalous increase in cutting power, because the power used increases from the Min power to the Max power.

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