Help with cutting circles in a rectangle

I need to cut 4 two inch holes in a rectangle

… and what’s your problem? can you not construct it in LightBurn or can you not cut them with your laser? … you need to come up with a little more information.

I am new to using light burn
I have the rectangle correctly sized and i am having an issue with getting the circle to correctly line up evenly in a row spaced in the center of the rectangle.

Exact positioning is easy to do in LightBurn but your description of what you are after is not clear. Scribble something on paper, take a picture, and post here to show us what you are trying to reproduce. We can use that to try and offer you some workflow suggestions.

This is what I am trying to create. The circles are 2 inches round and the rectangle is 4.25x10.
I am looking to equally space the circles.
Thank you

somthing like this?

i dont work in inches. but in mm. so my dimentions might not be good. but i can describe my workflow to creat this. it might not be the best way of doing things. but it was the way i did it.

here is my workflow, here is how i would do this.

so, my rectangle is 100 x 400. (mm)

my circles are 40 (mm)

the thing you need to answer is what is the amount of space there needs to be between the circles.
yes, it needs to be equal but calculating that is not that difficult.

in my case I just did: (400-(40X4))/5 = 48
(length board-(circle X amount of circles)) / amount of empty spaces= distance

why 5 because that’s the amount of ‘‘gaps’’ that are between the circles. Or the edge.

well when I knew that I just selected 1 circle and used the array tool put 4 in the y row and put 48 as the in-between space.

it crated the circles at equal spacing.

after that I grouped the circles and used the align tool to center everything.

as I said before I don’t know if this is the best way to do it. but it is a way.

I am used to drawing stuff like that with my drawing program. but experimenting with Lightburn is sometimes fun in its own right. it can do more than I thought.

mabe a more experianced user can coment on my workflow. i hope to learn/improve.

Spacing can be done without needing a calculator as well. :wink:

Have a read here about how using the different ‘Distribute…’ commands can help you align as you want. (scroll down mid-page)

@Rick thanks. wel learn somting evryday ;-).

it also shows that there are multiple ways to do the same thing, but its a question of what is the easyest and most efficent way. i was just tinkering around trying to get the same result. i have learned that thinkering around and trying difrent stuf is the best way to learn. (for me).

i have used math/calculator in the past as wel for distribution. and its a way that has never let me down, even for some odd shapes where automation fails to properly allign.
wel its allways better to have more tools in my toolbox i gues :wink:

il try your method next with the same project.

Even distribution vertically and horizontally works fine for the 4 circles, but in relation to the rectangle I can not make the function work as desired. You must decide / calculate how much distance is needed in the rectangle to get the circles evenly distributed.
In the manual there is also a small error, the icons for horizontal and vertical distribution are the same.
I hope I have overlooked something and get corrected and wise - once again :wink:

well the method I did, was working. I even distributed or array. and then I grouped the circles and center both the group and the rectangle. the center of the group ends the center of the rectangle aligns that way.

but yea I used the calculation method of doing things. well to me the methods used are just more tools in my toolbox I can make use of. and sometimes trial and error to test what works and what does not is the best way. or what works for you.

il test ricks method today. usually I only use Lightburn for the final touch ups or to cut a board in half or sorting like it. my drawing is usually 90% with my drawing program. so, getting to learn more about Lightburn is nice.

im trying the way @Rick pointed out. it does not give the same resuilt.
i might do things in the wrong order. so pleas explain your workflow/steps for getting a even distribution of 4 circles inside a rectangle.


it gives me somwhat of a audi logo.

Thank you to everyone.

@FluevJ01 did you get what you want?

Thank you

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