Help with extra large project!

Can anyone give me some easy tips on how to do an extra large (78 inches) project? I am trying to do a Growth Chart for a new baby project. I think it is called “Tiling” but I could certainly be wrong! Any help is greatly appreciated.

I just watched the video - cool stuff, thank you for sharing. However, I don’t trust the accuracy of the red dot pointer on my machine (or my eyes) that much. I suppose I could achieve the same thing by pulsing the power to get a small burn dot in the crosshairs?


@Rick i assume this will work with a diode laser as well as the co2. I watched the video and have to say that is one of the better tiling programs i have seen. Very nice work.

There is nothing specific to the laser system used (CO2, diode) for this feature. You should be able to use this procedure no matter the beam source.

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Excellent video! Thank you for sharing.

If you don’t trust your red dot pointer… you can always do a pulse to see if you are on the mark… and adjust accordingly.

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