Help with Feed rate

Good day hope you all are well.
I need help please this thing will drive me crazy. I am using laser master 2 20w diode and since it updated it does not want to engrave a complete picture. It stops 75% through or the program stops and exits.

Error : 22
Feed rate has not yet been set or is undefined.

Can you show a little more of your UI in LightBurn? I suspect you have the image slightly out of bounds and it’s not sending anything.

You’re using ‘Current Position’ mode and if you don’t know how to use that, it could easily be removing stuff that’s not within the working area of your laser, and that would give you an empty file. In that case LightBurn might be trying to send a command that expects the feed rate to have been set already, and because there’s no content, it wouldn’t be. I’ll check to see if there’s somewhere in our GCode generator that would cause that, but I’m betting it’s a side-effect, not the actual problem here, which is the starting mode you’re using. Change ‘Start From’ to ‘Absolute Coords’ and try running again.

Just out of curiosity, usually error 22 is caused by telling it to go somewhere but not how fast. Bought this error enough in my travels.

Can you see the offending line (looks like at or near line 6) or was it displayed and the configuration output scrolled it off screen…?

Don’t know how Light Burn outputs code, but the parser chokes ‘on or near line 6,’ that’s what I’d call close to the beginning. The user claims 75% of the code has executed, I believe both, so…? Does it output separate code that starts over for each layer?

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