Help with Fiber Laser Rotary

Hi there, I have a 30W Fiber laser and just got a rotary but having trouble getting it set up and working. If someone has some experience and would be willing to talk with me to review my setup and get me started, would be great. Thanks in advance. Email is davemartin88 2 gmail. com (remover the spaces) if you can help and will pass along my phone number. Thanks in advance.

There aren’t any fiber lasers supported by Lightburn, that I’m aware of.

Not sure what type of fiber laser you have but this might help you

Good luck


Thanks, I had seen those two, there a lot of videos to show how to fill in a box in the parameters but not finding much on what they should actually be. I made some progress this morning and was able to get some simple text and vectors to mark on a tumbler- got some help from someone in a Facebook group. Have messages out to the supplier as well to get some more info. Thanks again.

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I am sorry I am not much help since I do not own a fiber laser yet

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