Help with how it does border

NEW USER HERE… So I am lasering Leatherette Patches and it has a square border that is engraved before it cuts but the border does a little on left then little on right then left and right back and forth… Well that takes a long time it seems like. How can I get it to do the left leg then top then right then bottom (or whatever sequence) but do each leg by itself so that it doesn’t do the left little piece then moves to right, which takes time. Does that make sense? I feel this is a setting I’m missing in the software. Any advise is wanted. Thanks!

If you can, post the .lbrn2 file so we can examine it… it might be more helpful…

You can just ‘drag and drop it’ on the reply window or use the upload icon download-icon-background in the tool bar.


Lourash Grouped Hats Patch 3in wide.lbrn2 (333.6 KB)

Just dropped it there. So the left and right sides do a little left then move across to the exact spot on the right and does a little then back to the other side until it gets done. Is there a way to start and do the left leg, then top left to right then right leg down and then finish with bottom? Just it takes a lot longer to move across the area. Thanks.