Help with HP2436 on setup (grinding...sometimes)

I have an HP2436 that I just bought of another maker and, when starting up, the proximity sensors do not always work. Sometimes they register on the initial startup (stop on the X and Y axis) but then the system starts doing micro steps and the X axis begins to grind on the side rail. I can’t seem to find a way to reset the Axis, as this 2436 has a AWC708C Plus controller. Hitting Shift and Stop together do not take me to the menu metioned in that controller’s manual. Please help so I can start to use this machine (in addition to our LS1420, which works great)

Might I recommend contacting the manufacturer for assistance with the product? This sounds like a hardware or controller configuration issue, before LightBurn Software enters the picture.

We can also move this post to the Community section of the forum, to see if any of our other users might have some advice for your situation.

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