Help with Marlin / Ramps 1.4 and lightburn for DIY laser

Hi All
I am very new to this project and I have built a DIY Laser ( 5.5w blue) . I have purchased Light-burn and need to know how one would setup the laser / software to operate automatically when starting the job. Does light-burn control the off and on of the laser diode.

Example: if i want to engrave or cut alphabetical letters will light-burn automatically switch off the laser on and off between letters
Also does the laser automatically fire when it gets to the start point in light-burn and stop firing when its finished.
I am using one of theses laser with TTL controller

LightBurn talks to the controller, not the laser. The controller manages the laser. If your controller settings are correct then yes, the instructions sent from LightBurn to the controller will tell the laser to turn on and off at the appropriate times. (honestly, that’s kind of the whole point - it would be rather silly if you had to do it manually :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the reply, I have been watching a lot of you tube videos and they keep mentioning that one turns the laser on and off with commands. I have re mapped the D9 pin to pin 44 on the ramps board. i will be installing the laser this week as the suppler did not send a PSU so I ordered one from the net. and will give it a test

All these commands in marlin is so confusing if one does not understand what the instruction is

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