Help with monogram on booleen function

im making a monogram,i have the center letter overlapping, highlight the letter then hit cntl, and highlight other part,then go to booleen and part of it disapears? what am i forgetting?

Pictures of what you’re doing would be helpful, but just hit Tools → Boolean Assistant and it’ll show you what the outcome is if you hover over the button. It’s good stuff.

that did it. thank you

so now im tring to booleen the last name in center and options not available. same process

I was messing around, and the boolean is a little weird. It groups everything together, even the negative parts. Try ungrouping the selection, then select and boolean again.

nope, same thing

2 conditions need to be met for boolean operations:

  1. You have 2 and only 2 objects selected. Each individual object can be a group of other objects, however.
  2. Both objects (and their subobjects) need to be proper fully closed paths

If these conditions are not met the boolean options will not be available.

when i go to preview i dont get no errors about closed paths,same thing after i click close paths.

The conditions for booleans being available is not a general error condition. Non-closed paths have their own rules for how they’re rendered and will preview without issue. They just may not look like what you want.

The close path will blindly do what the command is expected to do. If the singe path has a single break (and only a single break) and the ends are sufficiently close (basically overlapping) then it will close the shape. If these conditions aren’t met then there’s nothing the close path command can do and there is also no error condition and will complete without changing anything or with an error.

yeah im lost, i tried individual letters one at a time and same. its been awhile since playing with LB. im finding most of the tricks that i once did dont remember now. lol

Can you elaborate what you’re trying to do with the last name and what you expect it to look like?

Upload the .lbrn file if you’re comfortable.

gonzales01.lbrn (1.1 MB)
attach gonzales to center

Can you elaborate what it means to attach it? Is this meant to be cut out eventually? If so, what part will be discarded?

Took a look at the file.

The GONZALES part is made up of hundreds of individual segments and is certainly not closed. Try ungrouping the name and then do Edit->Select open shapes and it will show you all the non-closed shapes.

Go through each letter and close each letter. You can use Edit->Auto-join selected shapes for ones that are well formed.

You could retype the letters and leave as text if that’s easier.

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I looked at the file as well. What’s going on at the 10 o’clock and 1 o’clock positions in the outer portion?

I set the layer to “Fill” temporarily to help see where there were possible “broken” pieces.
Might want to clear that up too.

so i think i know what happened, u used romantic font-bold, when i line it up the G-S are bigger then the rest. i attempted to make same size to get equal overlap, not sure on how to do that without breaking it up

i think thats just the design

i retyped with different font that was more even, got it. thank you

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