Help with photo engraving

Hello, I am new to the laser engraving. So far I am very impressed with LightBurn software. I would like some help with setting up a photo to engrave. Everything I have done so far, is turning out really dark. I have played with the contrast and brightness but still can’t get it right. Could anyone offer any suggestions on the settings that I should be using?

There’s a bunch of videos out there about this. I’m partial to Russ Sadler stuff as the way he presents it is clear to me. He does use RDWorks which is the free Chinese software that comes with most of these machines. So how you drive the software may vary. Conceptually it’s the same game.

Here is a quick guide from Russ on engraving.

The bmp file he mentioned, in .lbrn2, dotSize.lbrn2 (4.8 KB)

You will probably have to click on the ‘zoom to frame selection’ icon, next to the camera, to see this as it’s tiny. Also note in the cut layer it’s set for ‘passthough’.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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