Help with rotary

I am trying to setup my rotary getting a bunch of scan lines in my design how can I fix it thank you

Your description and the image you posted are very confusing as they don’t seem to match each other. You ask about rotary setup, talk about “a bunch of scan lines in your design”, and show an image of a ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window. I really don’t know what you asking to be “fixed”. You did not tell or show what the end result you are after should be nor what you are getting currently.

Please try again with just words for now and we can go from there.

Sorry I thought all my pictures uploaded not just one but what I’ve got is a redsail with rudia control. The rotary I bought I’m sending back the stepper is to small and getting hot. But I am getting scan gaps I guess is what it’s called.the engraving has lines it is not cutting smooth the scan gap is to big the first pic is the cup with tape on it had power on 10percent just to test then tried to engrave without the tape and same result

I thought maybe line interval is set wrong but making it smaller did not help

Is the roller diameter really 100mm? (10cm?) It doesn’t look nearly that big from the picture of it, though it’s hard to see it under the tape roll. I suspect you have that value way too high. If you change that you’ll likely also need to fix the steps per rotation count, but if you get both of those set properly it should be better.

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