Help with tabs on a jigsaw

Hello All, hope someone can help.

I have imported a drawing I have made for a Jigsaw from Inkscape, I have added tabs and they show up on the software, and when i do a test cut on a few of the larger and smaller bits to make sure the tab settings are good they work perfect.
Then when I then apply them to the whole workpiece they show up fine and send to the laser fine BUT they are not there when i cut the entire lot? so all the bits fall out of the work.

So, i have tested this a few times now IF i delete about 50% of the work it will work - am i doing something wrong here?

Thanks for the help!

In the screenshot shown, is that a failed state? Or where you have deleted 50% of them?
Can you please send a .lbrn project file that is in the broken state?
Also, what does it look like when you open the cut preview? Can you zoom into a shape that you are seeing be cut without tabs and post a screenshot of that here?

Thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

I actually just solved why it won’t do it - if the image is grouped it won’t add the tabs - if I ungroup it and send it again then it works PERFECTLY!

although - I thought that it could add tabs to a grouped image?

You can’t add tabs to an image grouped or otherwise. Your screenshot does not show an image in your design at all - can you please show me a screenshot of what you are talking about? It’s unclear.

Sorry if you are confused it’s likely my wording, I mean vectors, grouped vectors - if they are grouped it won’t add tabs but I thought they would from watching a video on how to do it.

No worries though as grouping the vectors solved the problem and it will add tabs.

Grouping should work just fine. See the screenshot below. All the black shapes are grouped together. All the red are grouped together. And those two groups are grouped together.
Black has different tab settings than red. And I could manually edit them if need be, without ungrouping.

So, if you have to ungroup shapes to tab them, there is something wrong.

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Hi again - Oh yes it works fine on the software and you can see the tabs in green - from the software point of view it looks fine, it’s when it’s sent to the laser they are not there, same thing when you zoom in on preview.

If you ungroup then they do then appear when you cut the job.

Please send me a LightBurn project file that presents the issue you are seeing. That’s the only way I can diagnose it at this point.

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