Help with Text filling

I have the following project I am trying to make, and the bottom the first image I like the most but the bottom latin words are filled and the flame I can’t either. Any recommendations on how to do this? I’m a newbie.
SMTC 1.lbrn2 (271.8 KB)

I think we need more information. Is it all on one layer or are they different layers? What settings are you using for the text at the bottom. It must be different from the text on the top.

I just traced the image, it is a png.

I also attached the file it might point out what I did wrong?

I opened your file and it looks like it’s just and imported image(?)
I would suggest tracing the image and breaking it apart and then dividing the traced image and placing those divisions into separate layers.
This way you can control the setting for each layer giving you more control
I also would eliminate the image text and replace it with actual text.
doing all of that will let you control the individual elements of the [traced] image, like increasing or decreasing speed and power for each layer
for the flame you might have to “edit the nodes”.
I was messing with it a bit, I tried but I’m not very imaginative when it comes to flame art :confused:

Thank you for the feedback