Help with the QRCode Generator

I try to engrave a QRCode with my China-Laser from Sovol (must be the same as the Creality one)
sorry, you have to google by yourself, because of the 2-Post-Rule. Type (Sovol laser module)

I created a Code with the Generator and it is scanable
It should be look like this:
But it prints this

The Printer is a Svol SV02 and Lightburn detects a GBRL M3 (1.1e or earlier) so I added manually a Marlin printer.(because with the GBRL he will do the movements, but no Laserbeam (maybe its because I need the M106 instead of the M8).

What did I wrong? What else do you need at Information?


Can no one help me?
Do you need more information to help me?

In the meantime, I noticed that the edge of the qrcode is very clean, but inside it is totally warped. You can see that at the 2.picture.
Could this be a clue to the error?

I really need help. it’s for my work.

Edit: can i add the M106 command to the GRBL printer? that is, tell it to use only M106?

What firmware are you using to drive this system? You need to tell LightBurn what you are actually using, not just pick one from the list. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick,
Many thanks for your help.

My SV02 runs with Marlin 2.0.
The funny thing is, that I have to do it that way.
Without autodetecting, Lightburn will not move the printer head.
I have to switch to GRBL to move in position, than I have to switch to Marlin and create the gcode.

I have not seen this process used before. You should be able to drive a properly configured device using Marlin for firmware directly from LightBurn.

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