Help with travel limit issues

My all… On an iMac os, with the Lasermaster 2 15w.

Im trying to burn some text and continue to get a ALARM:2 target exceeds machine travel error.

I have shrunk the text way down to a size that is well within the area, still the same message.
I have tried “Start from” with current position and user origin. I have set, deleted and reset the origin. Im trying to get it to run from the center point on the job origin. It is not a complex file, its literally 3 words. I have tried different text also. I have even tried absolute coords and still the same message.

another issue that just arose before I decided to give up for the night… the i try to jog the laser in one direction, it has started going in two directions. example… try to jog UP and it goes UP and RIGHT.

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