Help with USDA Logo

I’m trying to do trace image on the usda organic logo.

It wont trace the grey rows of crops sketch around the letters. It either makes the letters have holes or cuts out the grey rows. I tried to make the rows with lines but now i cant delete the section of lines inside the letters. I’m using the black and white gif from their site. Here’s a pic of the original image

what’s wrong with the second USDA i see?

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You can use the ‘Boolean’ tools to remove the unwanted parts to give you the “grey rows of crops sketch around the letters”. :slight_smile:

This, along with all our documentation, is worth review: Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation


Try this
BW_USDA_Organic.lbrn (94.9 KB)


For some reason whenever I select the lines i drew along with the icon shape the boolean tools turn grey and are unselectable.

Thanks a bunch!

So i loaded the file you sent and in the preview it’s filling in those rows at the end. About 80% through the scan it’s perfect but then it’s going back to fill in those lines and creating a solid black on the bottom

Nothing is wrong with it without the lines graphic but i just got my laser a few weeks ago and wanted to make a sign for my boss bc his birthday is in December. I’ve watched many videos on the lightburn channel and have filled a few sheets of ply with random test graphics but my goal is to do wood inlays and other wood stuff. It’s for a hobby as i won’t be selling anything. So I’m mostly trying to get good with lightburn so i can make beautiful stuff one day. But it’s a lot more complex than i anticipated :relaxed:

I would need your file to tell you exactly why, but it may be the grouping or order of shape selection. Please post your file. :slight_smile:

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Try this one - this deletes the “grey” layer
BW_USDA_Organic_1.lbrn (72.8 KB)

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