Hi can anyone tel me why i have a burn on the sides, MDF 3.5mm speend of cut

hi can anyone tell me why i have a burn on the sides, MDF 3.5mm speed of cut 16 power 35,60w laser ,thanks

This looks a bit like burn residue sticking to the surface, which direction is your extraction?
If it is in the direction of your extraction try lowering your nozzle air pressure, or do a very short test with no air.


Other way around for cuts, not enough air pressure. I run 15 psi flow pressure through a cutting nozzle and have nice clean cuts. Low air pressure, or worse yet an engraving nozzle, and you will get that result every time. Check the air assist pics on my Google Mod Page.

You should also set your start point to engrave towards your exhaust point. it won’t eliminate it on the engraving, but it will reduce it significantly. Note, for engraving ( If you meant that instead of a cut ) you do want minimal air flow, just enough to blow bubbles in a cup of water to keep the lens clear. The exhaust does the air work for engraving.

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