HL laser from ebay thoughts. RDC6445 Canada

I am contemplating this laser off of eBay. My main reason is that it has a RDC6445 controller, they have stock in Canada, and its JUST in range of my budget. They say its 130 Watts but I am guessing its only 100 watts usable. I am going to be cutting and engraving 3mm leather, possibly some acrylic in the future.

Any thoughts, advice or warnings would be most appreciated.


Hi @Baldtraveller

Welcome to our forum. The machine in the eBay listing looks like a very nice machine setup with a lot of favorable options.

However the price does seem a little high for a Chinese laser, even with the shipping included.

Have you looked anywhere else or have you only shopped on e-Bay?



I have looked a lot over the past year of learning. The hard part is finding a decent machine that is physically located in the same country. Canada in my case.

There are a few company’s that make and sell in Canada but the cost is far to high for me. The price on this machine plus the fact that they have stock already located in Canada makes me feel better. Read to many horror stories about broken tubes, and hidden shipping costs. Yikes!

Oh and do you have any other recommendations as to where to purchase?


Then it’s a great option for you plus if you pay with PayPal you will be protected.

Thanks for thoughts. I am in talks with the seller as well now.

Thanks again.


Keep us posted and of course you will need your Lightburn software too.



Hi Chris, welcom in the Lightburn Forum.
It is a very nice machine with all the equipment inclusive that you have found. Yes, the price is relatively high, but I quite understand your arguments for choosing a local supplier. When you get the announced laser tube, you can be pretty sure you get the stamped effect. The Recilaser W6 (new) has the following specifications: 130 rated power, 160 max power, 1650 mm long and Ø80. Max current 32 mA, recommended current below 28 mA. According to the advertisement, your dealer is not trying to sell this laser tube as a 160 Watt laser.

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I purchased this machine from the same brand and love it.

I’ve upgraded the optics by choice but only because I wanted to use the Cloudray Compound Lens Set and it didn’t work with the stock laser head.

The one you show here has a much better motion system than mine, likely explaining the price difference.

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Thank you very much for your insights. It helps with my decision.

I just got a message from the seller. He currently does not have one sitting in Canada, but is willing to send one to his warehouse in Canada. Then I can purchase it. Its will take 60 days to get to Canada. So I have time to think.

You are the second person to refer to this sale as being on the high side.

Are you able to recommend other dealers?


Thank you for your input. Good to here from someone that has already dealt with this seller.

Thank you again.


hahah I got the lightburn software, and paid for it because I liked it so much.

Thought I would cut my teeth on a toy. I have a eleksmaker 2.5w build it your self system. Thought I would be fun to get this and toy around. Its how I learn things.

To be clear, I have not dealt with this seller. I purchased this brand of laser from a different seller.

I first tried to buy from “chinacnczone” and got the in-stock-not-really-in-stock-but-we’ll-have-some-in-stock-soon runaround AFTER paying them. Got a refund and actually purchased a machine from “ussigns”. It still turned out to be a long wait but they did at least have stock in the US when they listed it for sale.

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No, unfortunately I can’t help you with a supplier in Canada, I live in Denmark.
Not to be paranoid but you have to make sure you get the advertised machine and nothing else, at many retailers it is “normal” to customize the customer’s order according to the stock. And, always pay with PayPal as Sasquatch said.

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My mistake. I thought you meant the seller, but I am happy you like the machine.

I recognize the names you dropped. I am going to have a re-look at them to compare things.



Oh yes. I most agree!!!


Overpriced? I don’t think it is overpriced. (Or the 3 laser machines that I have been personally a part of importing from China have been over priced). :slightly_smiling_face:

From the listing on eBay, the machine looks to be an awesome deal. China direct, a machine like this (that is of solid commercial quality) will cost you about $4,000. Add to that tariff, shipping, hassle, etc and the cost would exceed the listing on eBay.

I guess it would all come down to whether or not the machine is actually honestly represented. It is almost too good to be true in my opinion. But hey, who knows. Hopefully the optics are decent, the mechanicals are sound, the steppers and drivers are good, the power supplies are of quality, and the W6 tube is authentic.

If so, this is a wonderful find. Interested in what you end up with.

The machine you linked to that you said you purchased is different in these aspects:

W2 tube (avg about 90 watts) vs W6
Different Power Supplies for the Laser
Cabinet design (although both seem rather short in height)
Laser tube extension housing
Different Rotary styles
Different chiller capacities
(other things as well)

I do take note on both machines opportunities of improvement. Cabinets are too short. Belt drive on gantry would be better if geared. Optics, etc. But both look to be great machine for the money!

Example of headache (ask @Sasquatch):

Sorry, I was referring to the brand “HL Lasercut”. The red machine linked in the initial post is their newer machine at 130 watts, while mine is a 100-watt blue version.

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Thanks for the update. I was wondering about that. :slight_smile:

I purchased this machine from this seller last August, except with a W2 tube. It came with a RECI tube QA’d at over 100W. You really cannot beat the cost for what you get: 6445 controller, RECI Tube, Auto Focus, etc.

The seller was very responsive to questions before and after sale.

The only thing I had to do after initial setup was tweak the mirror alignment. It has worked perfectly ever since. I have since added an ammeter to the front panel.

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