Hold down for warped plywood - Boss Laser 1630

Finally solved the challenge of securely holding down warped plywood (1/4” to 1/16”).

Most of my work is with 12”x24” sheets of plywood.

Installed T Tracks on the edge of the bed rails along the X and Y axes and used a combination of standard and mini T track clamps. The clamps are infinitely adjustable along the T track to hold where most needed.

The clamps easily reach the edges of the material and interferes minimally with the travel of the laser nozzle/cone.

The T bolts are 1 1/2” to clear the gantry.

Be sure to remove any clamps before lowering the bed on the Z axis!

This results in 100% positive clamping hold down.


Thanks for sharing… I’m afraid the picture in my head isn’t quite as good as a picture from you??? :hugs:

I’ve tried all kinds of things, but I have a smaller bed and it’s still an issue.



I use a lot of 19x27 inch materials.

I made a bunch of honeycomb pins from scrap wood and use them in combination with magnets.

Along the edges of the material if a magnet will interfere with cutting or head travel I use the pins… everywhere else including the middle of material I use the magnets being careful to keep them out of way of the laser head.

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I use heavy duty magnets which you can buy in all sizes they are so strong even throw 6mm ply they also stand the material off the honey combe bed.

Jack, I’d be happy to send you a photo. You may email me at richardr_im@yahoo.com