Holes in text are being filled in after the latest update

Hi there,

Since the I updated this week, I’ve found a lot of the designs I’m importing are filling in the holes in the text. As an example, the letter O, the hole is also filled in. I’ve cut and engraved these designs many times and I haven’t come across this issue. Is it a setting that has changed that I can easily fix? Or is this a problem with the software?

Can I revert back to the older version?


Thank you for reporting this. We are aware, have found the issue and it has been fixed.

We also provide an archive of our releases here: How do I find older versions of LightBurn?

Thank you. How do we fix this issue? Will there be another update?

There will, though right now if you ungroup and select your artwork, go to Edit > Close Paths it should work.

The issue is that the source paths aren’t actually closed / sealed from the drawing software, though LightBurn’s cut builder dealt with it. We recently changed some of the code that handles filled drawing, and didn’t include that additional check. It’s been added to the next update which will be coming shortly.

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