HOME / 0'0 setting

I am setting up LightBurn for my new Orion 60W laser

Orion’s default is set to upper/right corner for Home/0’0

I thought that would be an easy fix, I don’t really care if it is in that corner since it puts the laser module out of the way. Problem? When I tell it to return to the Lower Left Corner where I place my substrate it will not locate to the correct spot/location. I changed digital locations all over the place, it simply would not locate to where I want it to be to start the engrave or for testing, (Frame).

I am probably doing something stupid that it doesn’t like but anyway, would appreciate some insight.


What do you mean “the correct spot”?

If you jog the laser to the front-left corner, where does it go instead?

Have you read through this before?

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