Home button issues using Lightburn with xTool D1 Pro with Extension

I have seen other topics around this but still no solution. using the xtool native software, laser works great, the problems occur when moving over to Lightburn. I have followed all the recomendations and no matter what when clicking on HOME. the laser goes to the top left corner and hits the frame for approx 5 seconds. I have connected to wireless and updated the firmware. I can find this issue all over the internet but no solid solutions. i have checked the cable management. at a loss and losing confidence in lightburn for use with the D1 Pro… HEEELLLPPP please

It appears your machine is trying to home, but doing it wrong. Turn off “Auto home on startup” in the Edit-Device settings window (you can turn it on later). The xTool website says you have limit switches. In the Console window, enter $$ and see if $21=1. The machine should trip the limit switch before it hits the frame. With the machine off, make sure the limit switches are all activated before you run out of travel. (If electronic limits, you may have to use JOG to confirm this.)

If all of this is good, we may have to look at the $3 setting. It is a binary number that determines the direction of travel for the X & Y axis. Changing this will require some back-and-forth communication. Just so you know, mine was wrong from the factory. Heard of QC anyone?

I just logged into Lightburn and it said there was a update. I installed the update and now all of my HOME issues have been resolved. HMMMMM

Indeed! Sounds like the Restore To Default Settings fix did the trick. Or FM (Frigging Magic).

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