Home claibration is off, when sending home it thinks its at 0.03

Hello I have a falcon pro 2 and when I try to send my laser to home it buts up against the front left of the laser. If I click get coordinates it thinks it is at 0.03 x/y even though it is all the way at the front left. It bumps into the case of the laser a few times and then stops is this normal? I know its a small measurement but shouldnt home be 0.0?

Not necessarily. If the laser homes, it moves until it touches the limit switches and will then stop. Since it’s not advisable to have the position with both switches activated, the laser usually moves back some distance into the workspace. But how the position reporting is handled depends on the firmware. Some report 0,0 after pull-off, some report the actual value like 1,1 or something. 0.03 is a weird value, though. But this might be configured like this in the firmware.