Home on startup

Was getting tired of head moving to HOME on startup so turned it off in Machine settings. Didn’t work.
Prefs folder. That didn’t work either.
Opened RDworks and changed it. That worked.

Don’t like it. Machine thinks it at Home when it starts even though it isn’t…
I want my old auto homing on startup back…and I CANT FIGER IT OUT!!!
Any help?

If you don’t home the machine on power up it will never have a repeatable reference point, so absolute coords and user origin modes won’t work. You should be able to go to Edit > Machine Settings, and turn on homing enable in the X and Y axis settings in the Vendor settings area at the bottom - this isn’t working? (you could do it in RDW as well, in File > Vendor Settings)

Got it. The Read/Write buttons were covered.
I was just hoping the last recorded state would remain on power up.

And now it did. So I’m good. Any reason we cannot keep the current postions in memory like i was hoping? That way one could pause a multi piece job, turn off the machine and continue exactly where we were…at least in location.

That would be a question for Ruida - The controller has to home on power up because it has no idea if you’ve moved it while it was powered down. If it remembered the last position but you moved the head, it could easily crash when restarted.

You can power off the controller while the job is running and it’ll resume on power up.

<You can’t have an axis set not to home on startup, but then home it later - the controller just doesn’t work that way.

Not quite, it can be done from the control pad on the machine by Z, Axis reset.

No way to recall those that I know of. The job recovery thing is automatic on power loss, provided as a safety.

I don’t understand why home on power up is less intrusive than having a button you have to remember to press after you’ve cleared off the table. The ‘Home’ button in LightBurn works the same way as the one in RDWorks - it sends the command, and Ruida just resets the controller so the power-up homing sequence takes over. You can’t have an axis set not to home on startup, but then home it later - the controller just doesn’t work that way.

The reason I’m even asking is because for some reason I am getting an error sending info to the machine and I end up restarting often and it takes time. Haven’t figured if it’s a PC prob or a grounding issue or controller or ??/

How are you connected?

USB. I just seems to be increasingly failing

How long a cable? If it’s over 15ft it would need to be amplified / repeated. It’s also possible that the short extension cable from the controller to the machine case is failing - those go occasionally, so replacing that (or bypassing it) could help.

I will try both. Thanks OZ!

BTW there is a focus Z button in LightBurn. Different than X and Y???

Yes, it’s handled differently because Z is rarely used, I suspect.

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Hey Oz. I have a Tesla.
I charge it in the garage.
Same breaker as my laser cutter.
I have a 60 amp fuse but maybe that’s not cutting it?
Will try with charger disconnected and report back : )

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