Home only X-axis?

I had a nice job of engraving 600 Bluetooth speakers with a logo. I set the origin on the Ruida, then downloaded the job to the controller and pressed start on the controller each time. Over time the origin moved about 0.1mm to the right with each run. On a small run, this wouldn’t be noticeable, but on 600 it was noticeable. When I reset the machine the origin goes back to where I originally set it. I have Panasonic servos that shouldn’t allow this to happen, which leads me to believe it is some kind of mechanical problem.

Until I figure this out, is there a way to only home the X-axis? Could I pre-pend this to the job I send the laser?

I just send ours home every time after each part. If x or Y drifts it should catch it.

I don’t disagree but the Y-axis didn’t drift at all. That is why I was wondering if there was a way to home only the x-axis. The job only takes 54 seconds to run. Homing both axis probably takes 30 seconds, that would add about 5 hours to this run.

You might have a look at this post and see if it’s applicable to your situation.

I’ll check it out and see if that is my issue. Thanks!

I don’t think that is the problem. The test looks good to me.

Here are my settings for the X-Axis do you see anything squirrely?:


Max Acc = 20000 mm/s^2 is pretty high for most machines. Maybe your servos can handle that, dunno.
Might try turning it down just to make sure?

I just send it to home it does not go through the homeing process, but if the axes have shifted, it will either trip the home sensor and throw an alarm or will display some reading other than .000" Now if you are shifting and have reading correctly then pulse count is off somewhere.

If its a really big table sending it home could add a few seconds, but at 25in/s any table less than a meter will only take two seconds to get home. Usually I have to send the head somewhere out of the way anyhow.

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