Home/origin setup on Shapeoko XL

I’ve got a Shapeoko XL and am using Lightburn on MacOS. I’m having trouble getting the machine to “know” where it is. I’ve got the origin setup as bottom (front) left in device settings. The machine homes to the back right. The problem is that when I home the machine (back right) and “Get Position” and then ask it to “Show Last Position”, the crosshairs show up at the origin, which is in the front left. So if I jog the gantry anywhere from home onto the workspace grid, the “show last position” crosshairs show up off of the workspace grid to the lower left. I’ve played with all the settings I can see and watched the tutorial on home and origin, but seem to be missing something.

JTech photonics has a tutorial on how to set a laser up on the Shapeoko along with setting up macros, but even that hasn’t fixed my issue. Thanks for any help out there!

What controller/firmware are you running?

Have you read this?

Or watched this?

I went through that video and set things up accordingly. Things are working pretty well: machine and job origins seem ok as well as the X & Y positions, but if I select the tool that moves the laser to the position that I click, the machine thinks I’ve clicked somewhere on the lower left from 0,0 and the CNC tries to go there each time.

I’m afraid I haven’t got a machine with me to try and replicate.

Someone else will no doubt be along to advise you.

Good on you getting it so far, though. You’re nearly there.

What is $10 set to on your machine? It should be 0, so the machine reports position in workspace coordinates, not absolute machine coordinates.

$10 was set to 255. That seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much!

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